Name Designation Phone Mobile:   E-mail
Dr. M.Shamsul Islam Principal 0631-2221944 +91-9999999999 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Prof. Md. Ilyas Bursar 0631-2221944  +91-9430073347
Dr. Binod Kumar Singh Examination Controller 0631-2221944 +91-9430058858
Sri Ashok Kumar S.O. General 0631-2221944  +91-8987230106    
Sri Kailash Prasad S.O. General 0631-2221944   +91-9852969824    
Sri Pramod Kr Sinha Exam. Assistant 0631-2221944   +91-9973554856    
Sri Ashrafi Jha PTI  0631-2221944   +91-9955269694
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